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sahmone safety

Sahmone pays attention to the health and safety of its employees and customers through:

1 sanitized facilities and products

  • All our merchandise warehouses are sterilized periodically and the safety standards recommended by WHO are met
  • Also, products are sterilized periodically within the stores to ensure that they are free of viruses and microbes

2 Health and safety

  • All our employees in various jobs follow health and safety standards in all stages of filling and packing orders to ensure their safety and cleanliness until they reach your door.
  • Provide disinfectants and sterilizers for delivery workers and ensure that they are used to sterilize their hands on an ongoing basis, to reach you orders.

3 Social Spacing: Providing the best service with the least health risks

  • We do not hold any meetings at the present time in our warehouses or the headquarters of our company for safety
  • Most of our employees work remotely using modern technology, which helps us to provide the same level of service and adherence to the recommended rules for social separation.
  • Support and customer service employees adhere to the rules of social separation to ensure their safety and provide the required service through various means of communication.